Friday, January 18, 2013

Wrong About Gopher Basketball

Eight days ago I wrote about how this year's Gopher basketball team was different.

Boy, was I wrong.

Since then, the team has suffered two humiliating losses to ranked teams; one at Indiana and one last night in the Barn against Michigan.  In both games the Gophers were out-disciplined, out-shot, out-hustled, and out-classed.

This team, while deep, does not have the talent level to take on top 10 programs while coasting.  It can't take nights off.  But that is exactly what they've done the last two games.

Coach Tubby Smith has a big task ahead of him in terms of getting this team's attention and stopping its sloppy, uninspired play.  Those last two losses were brutal, and the guys likely need to feel how brutal via some heavy doses of cardio via running baselines ala Herb Brooks.

This program is a hot mess right now.  Smith needs to fix it immediately, because his NCAA seed number is falling by the day.

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