Saturday, January 19, 2013

Minnesota Wild on Fox Sports Wisconsin

The last two years, Fox Sports Wisconsin has picked up some Minnesota Wild NHL games.  Between the nationally televised games in which the Wild played, plus the handful that FSW picked up, I was able to see about a third of the team's total games.

With the Wild's significant upgrade in talent for this season, I was not going to be content to just a third of the games.  Hence, I stated to look at the NHL Game Center Live; a way to watch out of market games through the NHL.  It is the same type of service that I use to follow the Twins through the MLB service.

But then the team published it's media schedule, and I was able to see how many games FSW would pick up.  Yahtzee!

This is a big year, as with a short schedule, anything can happen.  And with the new talent the team has acquired, along with a return to health of some important players, the Wild has a chance to do some good things.

And the beauty of it all is that I'll be watching most of it from the comfort of my basement recliner here in Green Bay.

Go Wild!

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