Thursday, December 20, 2012


This morning in Green Bay the snow is coming down heavy, and the predictions on the day are for about a foot and a half of the white stuff, with winds gusting up to 40 MPH.  That means near white-out conditions.  

For a town that prides itself on its ability to handle what winter dishes out, folks are worried.  Schools are all closed, the governor has called a state of emergency, and people are deciding if they're going to work or not.

Me?  While I have a 4-wheel drive vehicle and new tires, I'm not going anywhere.  The beauty of a career in ecommerce is that it is all electronic.  I can basically work anywhere.  And today, with the snow falling heavily outside, the Christmas tree lit in the darkness, and the coffee pot full, I'm not going anywhere.

Call me a sissy.  But I bet I still get more done today than you do...

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