Friday, December 21, 2012

Changing Professional Goals

As I was coming up in my career, I had a very clear mindset of where I wanted to go and what paths I'd take to get me there.  While I've not achieved all that I want of my career - I would still very much like to make SVP or CMO before I'm done - I recognize that I don't want to be a CEO, and that I can stop worrying so much about the next step and fully concentrate on what I'm doing right here and now.

Hence, the strategic chess game that is the management of my career has changed.  No, not stopped, but changed.

While my aspirations for myself have tempered, new goals and objectives take their place.  However, those goals aren't solely about me anymore.  As I've matured, I've gained more and more satisfaction out of the achievements of those on my team, and have been focusing more of my energies on their success.

Beyond the fiduciary responsibilities I have to my employer, my primary objective has now shifted away from myself and to development of my people.  I have been fortunate enough to manage/coach at least two and possibly three folks that have the capacity to be CEOs some day.  In fact, one is well on her way, and will likely be leading her company within 8 years.  Hence, my goal is to arm these folks with what I can to make them as successful as they choose to be, then to sit back and smile at their achievements.

My ultimate goal - and while it is a long-term one it is one nonetheless - is to eventually be asked to go to work for one of the people that used to work "for" me.  I can think of no better achievement or compliment that could be bestowed upon me as a leader.  

Here's hoping it happens some day.   

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