Saturday, December 8, 2012

3 Reasons Why Te'o Losing Heisman Shouldn't Matter

SEC fans and ESPN have been beating the drum for "Johnny Football" for weeks now, and I predict their campaign will result in the Texas A&M quarterback winning the Heisman Trophy.  And while I admit I have a bias, I think that's a wrong decision, although the case for Manziel can be made to be quite compelling.

Even if he loses the Heisman, while a shame, at the end of the day it should not matter to Manti Te'o for the following reasons:

  1. Te'o has already won five major awards for his accomplishments this year.  As the football community drills into his season of work, it is obvious that Te'o was a dominant force and is already being recognized as such.  The Heisman, with its hype and politics, has less objectivity to it, so things like an anti-Notre Dame bias can creep in.  Those are things Te'o can't control.  He's already been recognized as the best player on the field this year.  One more piece of hardware should not tip things one way or the other.
  2. Te'o is about as blue of a chip for a long and storied NFL career as they come.  While I recognize that the Heisman is not awarded based on the player most likely to be a stud in the NFL, Te'o has places to go.  His work ethic, demeanor, leadership, and athleticism will take him places well beyond where the Heisman will.  Te'o has a fantastic future, regardless if the trophy case is full or not.
  3. Te'o is about to embark on the grand conclusion of a storybook season.  He set aside financial gain and personal reward to come back to Notre Dame for his senior year, and he has been rewarded with an undefeated team and a chance to win the National Championship.  If Te'o were to win the Heisman, there would always be debate that politics, campaigning, or worse was the real reason behind it.  Folks would attempt to diminish the accomplishment for years and years.  However, a defeat of Alabama on college football's biggest stage and a resulting National Championship is something that cannot be tarnished or taken away.  It is as objective of a result as they come.  It would be the final cherry on top of a dreamy senior-season-sundae for Te'o, and ultimately more important to him
I hope Te'o wins.  I feel he deserves it.  But if he doesn't, it shouldn't matter to him.  His body of work speaks for itself, and he has places to go.  He should content with that, and should look forward at what is to come, because it is going to be awesome.

Speaking as a Manti Te'o fan, I can't wait to see what's next.

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