Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Current State of the Business Environment

Obama's reelection was not about the economy.  The metrics around the economy are horrible, and yet the man kept his job by a significant margin.  No, to the common citizen, the economy didn't matter.

But what about to the common citizen's employer?

SmartBrief is a daily briefing of multiple news items to which I subscribe.  And in every issue, they offer a poll of their readers to understand what is happening in their world.  

A poll from last week is attached:

69% claim it is week, horrible, or getting worse.  69%.

Not scientific, I'll grant you.  But this is feedback from those that drive this economy.

Businesses are scared.  Scared to hire, scared to expand, and scared to invest.  And until the Obama administration does something to reassure businesses and establish a firm footing, I predict growth to continue at a snail's pace.  

Or worse.

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