Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Congratulations, President Obama

Congratulations, President Obama.  Your victory last night was stunning, and it is a total game changer for our country.  

You ran an effective campaign, and there is so much of which you should be proud:  
  • Congratulations for running a campaign that completely ignored your last four years, and one that went on offense.  One that at the same time blamed your predecessor for things not getting better, and demonized your opponent as someone that would only make things worse in the future.  And all the while, you were never held accountable for any of your results.  Or lack thereof.  Simply brilliant.  
  • Congratulations for co-opting the national media.  Never before in my lifetime has the media been so partisan; from overt things like actively cheering for you at debates to much more subtle, but dangerous things like refusing to ask you about your failings except in the most cursory an token ways.  In fact, as it pertained to Benghazi, they actively helped to bury the story for you.  They are your most powerful political weapon, and they should be equally congratulated for your reelection.  You are as much their creation as you are yourself.  
  • Congratulations as well for changing the presidency from one that is sober, businesslike, and aspirational to one that now serves as clown and entertainer.  From story after story about you in the grocery store magazines, to your dozens and dozens of appearances on TV entertainment shows, you remolded the presidency to a high school popularity contest.  Who wants to vote for a boring white guy when they can have someone that dances with Ellen, slow-jams the news with Jimmy Kimmel, is eye-candy for the ladies watching The View, and sings a damn good version of Al Green?  
  • Congratulations for dividing our country so well.  Your demagoguery of the rich and successful in our society was played perfectly.  Everybody hates them, and you tapped into that hatred so well.  Also, your effective "war on women" meme was believed,  adopted and embraced, even by men!  It successfully rendered women more concerned about the ability to abort their children than they were about the debt their non-aborted children will inherit.   In an election that should have been all about the economy, you created an environment that made it anything but.  
  • Finally, and most importantly, congratulations for killing off conservatism.  If liberalism could not be beaten after your last four years, it will never be beaten.  And by the end of your next term, economics and demographics will be such that it will secure democratic presidents for the foreseeable future, or at least until the economy finally implodes.  Think about it - key democratic constituencies will only grow over the next four years, as the ranks of seniors, Hispanics, other minorities, unmarried women, the non-religious, and other liberal mainstays will substantively grow, if not explode.  Likewise, the trend of growth of those receiving some kind of government payment should continue completely unabated over the next four years.  Be they seniors, the unemployed, students, those on food stamps, those receiving Obama phones, those on disability, or those holding a government job, all areas are growing and will not stop.  By the time your next term is over, these groups will make up a sizable majority of our country.  And they will never, ever vote republican. The hand that feeds them is a democratic one, and that hand will not be bitten.   Liberalism has won, through your programs and your actions, and the ramifications have left your political opponents vanquished. And that, President Obama, will leave our country indelibly changed.  The America of our fathers and forefathers - one of industry, personal responsibility, achievement - that America is now finally dead, and a new America rises.  One of class envy, division, entitlement, and debt.  One where government now exists for the sole reason of income distribution and to "care for its citizens."  Indeed, the liberal utopia that rises will not, cannot, be defeated.  There are now and will be too many voters that will choose to propagate it.  The tipping point has been reached.  It is over.  
Congratulations again Mr. President.  Your campaign strategy and execution was impeccable.   The demographic and entitlement winds are now firmly at your back.  The media will continue to ensure that the historical narrative to eventually be written about you will not be tarnished.   TV show hosts and popular culture icons will continue to fawn over you.  And just like with the first four years, you'll not be held accountable for ANYTHING you do.  

Enjoy your state dinners, your Hawaii vacations, your TV appearances, and your hundreds of rounds of golf and your remaking of America.  Given the success of your campaign, you've clearly earned them.       


  1. Well said. One painful morning in process, and looking at a bunch more... thank God for bluebills and mallards.

  2. Mike, I essentially agree with most of what you stated. What I disagree with is your conclusions about the political future. Several factors indicate is is not as dire as you project.

    1. GOP candidates for congressional races outpolled their Democratic counterparts in Florida and Ohio. The House of Represnetatives is our most democratic branch of government, far more than the Senate and Presidency. What is sad is that hundreds of thousands of voters in these states cast a vote for a very conservative GOP congressman and then for Barrack Obama. The dynamics of this phenomena needs to be studied very carefully going into the next election cycle.

    2. The war on women meme was incredibly successful. Barrack Obama obliterated Romney in the women vote. In Iowa, for example, Obama carried women 59-40, nineteen fn points. But, Romney carried white, married women by a small majority. If Romney could have closed the gender gap between white, married men half way he would have won Ohio, Florida, and Virginia and maybe a could have taken Pennsylvania. The issues behind this gender gap needs to be evaluated. I think it is a combination platter of issues/events. The glamour of Obama. And, amongst voters that can be considered swing voters, the perception that the GOP is extreme on social issues like abortion. I think that the proof of this is the Akin/Mourdock dual fiascos were two easily winnable US Senate seats were thrown away because they blabbed their true views on abortion. The Akin issue carried nationally for the Democrats and it was the central issue of their convention.

    3. The next presidential election cycle will be an open race. That means that the Democrats will have their own primary season and will have to expend resources fighting their fellow Democrats. The Republican soft money needs to learn from this and take their attack to the Democrats and shape them just as they shaped Romney in 2012. I think the Democratic primary will be bloody and I project that the Repubicans will settle on a candidate pretty quickly---> Marco Rubio.

    4. Unfortunately, I think the Democratic economic plan is a road to disaster. I think they are being fooled by the artificially low interest rates we have now. The Federal Reserve is buying about 60% of the annual deficit and the remainder of the deficit is being financed by 1-2 year notes to take advantage of the low interest cost. The problem si that this means that large portions of the $5 trillion Obama debt will have to be refinanced on top of the $1 trillion plus annual deficits going forward. That is a fiscal cliff that I am not sure we would want a Republican being in office for. It is serious.

  3. Well said YDP, however "The House" (from above)has some good points, dont be so discouraged...this is America and anything is possible. Of course I am only talking this way after my husband had to coax me off our roof Tuesday night by saying the same thing..."we still have the majority in the House", so that is what I am whispering to myself whenever I am in doubt, this week I have gone from denial to sadness to anger and now acceptance (but still mad). Hey at least you dont still live in MN, yikes our MN house and senate went democrat and both the amendments failed. I live in Bachmanns district and she even had a pretty close race. I look forward to 2014 when from what I hear another Bush may be entering a Texas race George P, Jeb's kid. Hey "The House", how about a 2016 Rubio/Bush ticket...YUMMAY!!! So, YDP have hope and put out some Christmas lights or look at the heat map from the election, all that red can't be easily swayed in a couple years!!! Most importantly, keep writing!!!
    P.S.S. As a woman I was offended by the whole war on women campaign...really? The same campaign that says equal pay for women because you are strong and smart and independent blah blah blah...yet we can't figure out how to pay for birth control pills if we want to be on them? Really? The ads I received showing sad women in hospital gowns saying we dont want government telling us what to do with our bodies but yet that is the same group that wants a government overhaul on our healthcare??? is it just me or is that contradictory?
    P.S.S.S. All I could think about when Obummer won was that people in Greece in a few years will be watching their TVs and saying "hey thats what we looked like a few years ago" I know....we still have the House.

  4. Thanks for the comments, TommieGirl. Great insight. I appreciate you posting up.


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