Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Response to SJU's Annual Fund Request

Dear Director of Annual Giving,

This is going to be a very tough letter to write.

I received your request for the Annual Fund today, the day after the election.  Your timing could not be worse.

Annette Atkins' letter to the StarTribune of October 1, 2012  has absolutely stuck in my craw since it was published.  Should she choose to support an administration so openly hostile to the Catholic faith on her own time and under her own name, fine.  However, St. John's was involved in her commentary, and as a Catholic and as an alumni, I find that completely unacceptable.

I am growing apart from St. John's, and what a horrible shame.  I've reached out through the alumni network (a nightmare of a system) to help prospective or existing students, and have never been contacted.  My company hires dozens of college grads every year, yet no outreach.  In the meantime, the University of Minnesota, where I received my MBA, has, in the past two years, traveled to meet with me twice here in Green Bay (once last week), has invited me to speak to their classes, and is begging me to support their internship and hiring programs.

The funny thing is - I have ZERO affinity for the Carlson School.  It never compared to the life-changing experience I had while at St. John's, and as such I've never contributed to them financially.  I've only volunteered.

I know you don't have the U's resources, nor do I feel it necessary for you to take the steps they do.  But when my only contact with you is when you ask for money, when you send me your magazine, and when I follow the football team - which is getting worse and worse, as St. Thomas ascends - I'm losing touch.  Especially when one of those interactions is from a former professor of mine wading into a divisive political argument in a major newspaper.

My wife and I won't be cutting St. John's a check today.  We may not do it this year.  I'm not sure when or if we'll start again.  As stated, your timing is horrible.  Perhaps I'll get over things, but right now, I'm quite angry.

And right now, the answer to your appeal is no, thank you.

YDP, Class of '83

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  1. Here is the problem: Catholic, 25% of the electorate

    Obama 50%
    Romney 48%

    YOu go figure.

    Another: Jewish voters: Obama 69% Romney 30%........


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