Monday, August 6, 2012

Vacation Recap in Pictures

Last week's vacation has come to an end, and it was spectacular.  The weather was about perfect, fishing better than expected, the fun in abundance, and overall just a fabulous time.  The only thing that was missing was my sis who needed to attend to her job.  We're hoping she can make it next year.  

Here is the recap:

Here is my favorite fishing partner.  While she didn't catch any fish, at least she looked good doing it.

This is our "Man Swim" group.  I think we got out in the middle of the lake for a swim just about every day.

I got some biking in every day except one, which is a good thing as I gained 6 lbs. on the vacation.  Beer, wine, and Walker pies can do that to a guy.

I was able to get out with JT, Bill, Steve, and Tom for a trolling fiasco.  Six lines, three hours, one fish.  At least I was able to augment the fish fry.  Note: don't let JT mix the cocktails.  Either that or bring ice.

Our best luck fishing was at night where we were treated to beautiful sunsets like this one.

 My brother with the biggest walleye of the week - a 27" monster. 

 Sometimes the fishing was slow, and little dudes just needed to sack out

 On the way back to the cabin after a successful night on the water

Cousins on the way to a swim

The 7 hour, one way trip took its toll on my tires.  At least we made it home before this one gave out.  Time for a new set.

Can't wait to do it all again next year.

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