Monday, August 13, 2012

Minneapolis Westin: A Review of What Stinks

As posted yesterday, the Minneapolis Westin bumped us to the Hampton Inn in Minnetonka because they sold my room.  My wife and I have been thinking about it all weekend.  The more we do, the more livid we become. 

Some specific questions, beyond those raised in the first post:
  • I think the claim of "downtown is completely full" was hogwash.  When I placed my reservations 7 days ago, I had options all over downtown.  Now, when it would have cost Westin additional to put us up somewhere decent downtown, all of the sudden downtown is "full" and we're forced to go to a lousy hotel in the suburbs.  I call BS on that, and given the lie about the "nice suite" to which we were being sent, seems par for the course.
  • I've been told a "manager" will call me this week sometime.  Why in the world does it take days to talk with me about how my anniversary weekend was ruined?  Are their people not empowered to take care of the customer?  It's called the "hospitality business."  Being hospitable seems to me to be the job of whoever is in charge over the weekend.
  • Per their "guarantee" (what a complete bastardization of that word) on my reservation "confirmation" (ditto): "In the event more guests arrive than can be accommodated due to hotel overbooking or an unforeseen circumstance, and hotel is unable to hold rooms consistent with this room hold policy, hotel will attempt to accommodate guests, at its expense, at a comparable hotel in the area for the oversold night(s), and will pay for transportation to that hotel."  Our hotel was neither comparable nor in the area.  Neither one was close.
  • But wait.  I had a reservation confirmation.  I had agreed to pay for my room, regardless if I showed up or not.  So why was my room given to someone else when all they needed to say was "I'm sorry, sir, even though all guest haven't checked in yet, we're all booked for the evening?"  The only thing that makes sense is some sap showed up without a reservation, was willing to pay an exorbitant amount, and presto, he has my room and I'm at the Hampton Inn.  Kick me out, soak him.
As a customer, I just feel like a total chump.  Their problem (or in the sap scenario above, their opportunity) became my problem, and a lousy experience was crammed down my throat. 

Beware this hotel.

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