Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's Behind Confrontational Atheism?

There is an exploding trend in social media and on the web to actively disparage those that believe in religion.  It is aggressive, confrontational, and growing. 

Atheism is being touted as the only alternative for those that consider themselves learned, open minded, and intelligent.  Those that seek to live a religious live are depicted as rubes and fools. 


Throughout my life, the most intelligent, successful, wealthy, and prosperous people that I have met have been those that engaged in some form of traditional religion.  Whereas those I've known that espouse atheism in a confrontational, activist fashion are, at best, relegated to the middle rungs of society. 

Perhaps it is my limited set of data points.  Perhaps it is because of who I surround myself.  But every activist atheist I know couldn't hold a candle to the dozens (hundreds?) of successful folks I know that have faith. 

Does that mean there are no successful atheists?  Hardly.  But those that seek to raise their stature by active disparagement of the faithful seem to be lacking something. 

Perhaps it is the kindergarten lesson made manifest - you can't make yourself better by making those around you feel worse.  And that appears to be exactly what activist atheists are attempting to do.   

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