Monday, July 2, 2012

Cheaters and Me

About a year ago, my eyesight went.  And I mean bad.  I went from having spectacular eyesight to struggling to see most things printed in a normal font.  Throw in some low light or fatigue, and I'm really screwed. 

This has been incredibly hard for me.  While the good Lord didn't bless me with many positive physical attributes, the one thing I always had was the ability to see, and see incredibly well, without any correction. 

Those days are now gone. 

The change has been so swift and dramatic that I went into one of our stores' optical areas and got a check.  While the end result (I'm old and my vision sucks) was not what I wanted to hear, I had some of the best optical careavailable.  And I'm not just saying that - our stores are known for the quality of their health care, and the folks that attended to me were simply outstanding. 

So I walked out of there with an Rx for correction, five pair cheaters (which have been stashed strategically throughout the house and at work), and the satisfaction that given my age, I should have been in there looking for correction years earlier. 

As if a guy can be satisfied with the fact that I'm getting old, just not as fast as I should. 

Damn it.

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