Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Memories

There's not a 4th of July that goes by where I don't hearken back to my youth and the week that we used to spend on Leech Lake during that period every year.  It was a wonderful mix of swimming, fishing, pinball, cards, tennis, laughing, and being surrounded by so many people that loved me. 

The feeling in ingrained into my psyche, and in quest to pass it along to our family's next generation (and, perhaps, to rekindle it for me), my wife and I bought the very cabin where my family used to stay every 4th. 

While we'll not be there this holiday, we will be all together up there the end of the month, and will look to make new memories.  In the mean time, as I think about this holiday, I can't help but think back on so many vacations, good times, and loved ones that have come and gone. 

I'm convinced that if there is a heaven, the feeling I'll have there will be a similar feeling that all of those family vacations gave me.  

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