Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Very Sick Dog

While on a trip last week I boarded the dog, and picked her up Sunday night upon my return.  She was moving slow, but given the level of play where we board her, that was no surprise. 

The next morning I fed her and everything was just fine.  However when I got home last night the dog was extremely lethargic got sick multiple times.  Hoping it was just something she ate while being boarded I tucked her into her crate and hoped a good night sleep would fix her up. 

This morning came and I actually had to wake her up - something I've never done before in her life.  She stood uneasily, then collapsed coming out of her crate.  She got a little better, got sick again, but was having trouble moving.  I immediately woke my wife, and dashed to the PC to find the local animal hospital (good old Google). 

I found one open 24/7 and rushed her there as quickly as I could drive, where she improved slightly but was still lethargic.  We ran blood work and did x-rays, and everything was inconclusive.  We took her home to watch her and note if her condition improved or got worse. 

I headed back to work, and was there just a couple of hours when my wife called and noted that the dog was not getting any better.  We immediately booked time to get her into her home vet, and immediately upon looking at her they knew she was a very sick dog.  More blood work, more x-rays, and an ultrasound revealed nothing.  However, given their familiarity with her they knew something was very wrong.  Hence, we've booked her for exploratory surgery tomorrow morning and hope we can find something at that time.

I'll know more tomorrow.  We're plowing through money like we're on vacation at a 5 star resort, but that's what we need to do.  I just want my buddy back.

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