Friday, January 20, 2012

Trigeminal Neuralgia Update

The past 6-8 months have been fabulous.  I never went off the meds, so I don't know if it was a full remission period or not, but it didn't matter as life was pretty damn good.

That all changed two days ago.  Things really got bad after lunch that day, and hit a peak at a 4:00 meeting I was having with some on my team.  I was barely functional because I was in so much pain.  

I left the office at 5:00 that day, came home, and went right to bed.  I was able to fall asleep for an hour for some much needed relief, but when I work things quickly went back to a dull ache.

This morning, after turning off the alarm, things started right up again.  I fed the dog and let her out, and the cold morning air (wind chill this morning is -15) immediately hit me hard.  The cold has been a trigger for me in the past, and that was clearly the case right now.  So instead of driving to the club and working out this morning, I'm sitting here typing this.  I just couldn't bring myself to go outside.

I have two weekends coming up in warmer climates, and I'm hoping that will help.  I'll also likely be upping my meds as I'm currently taking a dose that is lower than what is prescribed for me.  Hopefully all of that works.

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