Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Louisiana Family Wedding Recap

We just returned home from a long weekend in New Orleans where we celebrated the wedding of my cousin.  In terms of the wedding, things could not have been more nice.  The groom's dinner reception, ceremony, church, reception location, food, weather, and everything else were just wonderful.  Here are some random photos from the event.  I'll post others as they get uploaded off my wife's camera.

It just wouldn't be a trip to New Orleans without a stop (OK, multiple stops) to Pat O'Brien's for one (OK, more than one) of the famous Hurricanes

Fortunately, crayfish were still in season, and yes, I did suck the heads.  

Nothing eases a Big Easy hangover quite like a plate of bignets from Cafe Du Monde

My lovely wife enjoying the beautiful outdoor venue of the reception.

The father of the groom and his brother engaged in some reception BS

Look for more pictures soon.

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