Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Great Thou Art

As you've seen from this blog, I'm a big music fan.  While my preference runs for the alternative/indy genre most of all, I literally like everything.  Certainly not every artist, but every genre has something there for me to enjoy. 

Country is one where I have the biggest disconnect.  While I enjoy classic country (Cash, Willie, Waylon, the Hanks) anything new that I've liked has really been relegated to the more alt-country performers (Lyle Lovett, Robbie Fulks, Dwight Yoakem).  But with that, great performances are where you find them, and the following, ladies and gentlemen, is just that.

Carrie Underwood brings the Country Music Awards audience to tears, and completely obliterates an incredible guitar solo by Vince Gill that should have invoked an ovation if any other singer would have been sharing the stage with him.

This is an awesome performance.  Enjoy

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