Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Impending Death of Masculine

I ran across two videos this week that show that forces are still at play to drive the masculine out of our culture. 

The first is this apology video to "woman." 

The next is the popularity of "ex girlfriend jeans." 

Whether subtle like how men are treated in commercials or in the jeans story above, or overt like the apology above or the  "Boys are Stupid" T-Shirt campaign, the movement to take the "male" out of men is definitely alive and well in our culture.

From my perspective, I absolutely treasure the differences between men and women.  It makes life so much more interesting and enjoyable.  Yes, we have our differences and sometimes don't see eye to eye.  We have these because we are different, and that goes all the way back to our caveman days.  We're hard-wired for it.

Along those lines, and to make my point, I'd encourage all to see Defending the Caveman.  It probably gave more insight to my wife and myself on our relationship and differences than many years of therapy could have.  Highly endorsed.

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