Friday, November 12, 2010

Green Bay Stereotype Confirmed

Unfortunately, Green Bay has a couple of stereotypes.  It's industrial.  Lacks size and sophistication.  Not very pretty.  According to former kicker Ryan Longwell, "a place where fine dining is a choice between Appleby's and Hooter's."  And, as one popular T-shirt put it, a "drinking town with an NFL football problem." 

While I've been here only a couple of months, I know the town to be much more diverse than that.  I'll get into all of that in future posts.  But back to that stereotype thing.  It doesn't help matters when the back of my Packer game ticket offers free schweel if the Pack scores more than 30 in the game.  I can honestly say I've never seen a free beer offer before - wow. 

I paid attention to this during our game, and there was an audibly louder cheer from the fans once that critical 30 point threshold got breached.  It added a component of drama to an otherwise dull blow-out.

I guess it says something about my acclimation to our new home when I tell you that I'll be at Festival tomorrow morning, ticket in hand, to pick up my free 6-pack. 

Hey, free schweel is free schweel.  Might even pick up a pack of bratwurst, too.  

Go, Pack go?

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