Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Trip to Lambeau Field

We were lucky enough to attend last week's game of the Green Bay Packers hosting (and subsequently destroying) the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday night.  It was my first time at Lambeau, and regardless of your NFL allegiances, this is hallowed ground and should be seen by any NFL fan.  There is so much history, it is incredible. 

I took a number of pictures of things along our trip.  Here's the tour:

Hey, does all that haze and smoke mean Kiss is playing in the parking lot?  Nope.  That, my friends, is the smoke of hundreds of grills cooking thousands of Green Bay's finest sausages.  If this picture had smell-o-vision, you'd be drooling on your keyboard now.

You gotta love a place that encourages schweeling so much that they put restrooms on the outside of the stadium.

History is everywhere.  Here we are with Curly Lambeau himself.

The stadium itself was smaller than I expected.  It holds 70,000, which seemed like a lot for the venue.  The seating is still primarily bench seating, the cheerleaders still high school kids, and the atmosphere still very family friendly.  What a great place to see a game.

For those of you Yellow Dog Patrol readers that are family and friends - there are always tickets available for the games, and we'd love to host you.  Please plan on coming to visit us to see this history for yourself.  It is pretty incredible.


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