Friday, November 26, 2010

End of the Minnesota 2010 Waterfowl Season - A Recap

This sunrise signaled the last day of waterfowling in central Minnesota last weekend.  With temps never rising above freezing on Saturday, most birds had moved out of the area, and those that did stick around were gone by Sunday.  It was all over.

But, goodness, what a season it was.  Despite not hunting nearly as much as I typically do, due to the new job and the move, my personal bag was among the highest I've had since I started tracking it.  And that's with the opening weekend being pretty much a bust (except for Monday). 

There were many highlights, but the biggest one being our resident flock of Redheads that stayed with us for over three weeks.  These big (and delicious) birds simply made our lake their home, welcomed in their travelling brethren, and gave our decoys enough attention to keep things active. 

In nearly every respect, it was a great season.  Here are some pictures of the last day:

Fuzzy and Ben on Gucci Point.  You can see where the ice had covered up the area that we had broken open earlier in the day.

It was so cold that even the dogs were cuddling up to stay warm.  Here's a crate full of Yellow Dog, staying warm and waiting for the next adventure to start.

Seems like the season just got started, and I'll miss the place, but what a season we had.  Simply outstanding.

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