Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why We're Moving to Green Bay

Upon hearing our big news, people are shocked and wonder why the hell we'd want to move to Greee Bay, Wisconsin.  Friends, there's not just one reason, but many.  So I offer my faithful Yellow Dog Patrol readers our Top Ten Reasons Why We're Moving to Gree Bay:

#10 - Part of secret deal to compensate Packers with "players to be named later" for eventually ending up with Favre.

#9 - Tired of everyone continuing to call it a "water fountain." It's a "bubbler," people!

#8 - Let's see, Al Franken, Mark Dayton, and Keith Ellison versus Paul Ryan. Hmmm.

#7 - Some search their whole lives for a land of milk and honey. This has all of that, plus beer and sausage, too.

#6 - Vera digs cows. I mean, she really digs cows.

#5 - No Nick Punto.

#4 - On secret undercover mission for the Vikings to uncover Aaron Rogers' vulnerabilities. Mum's the word.

#3 - Badger versus Gopher. Do I even have to ask which is cooler?

#2 - When the Twins hit a home run, our mascots shake hands. Theirs slides into a huge stein of beer. You do the math.

#1 I received an incredible offer for a new job; one that is a game-changer for Vera and me. I start on August 30.

While Minnesota will always be our home and we'll likely return there some day, an offer like this comes around once in a career. It provides a legitimate chance to really change our lives. So while we're sad to leave (very sad), we recognize that we're really not that far away, and we look forward with an incredible amount of optimism and expectation of adventure.

We hope that our future also includes friends and family that will come visit us. We'll be sure to fill you up with some of that great sausage, cheese, and beer of which you may have heard.

Wish us luck.

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