Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Listening to Dad

Things have been pretty crazy in my life lately, with major changes pending. Through it all, I've really, really missed my dad. In similar situations, I'd often tap him for his perspective. While he wasn't always right, he always offered insight that I didn't have previously, and he always made me think.

His worst advice? Encouraging me to attend grad school immediately after undergrad. His best advice? Encouraging me to go on a blind date with the woman that would eventually be my wife, even though it was absolutely the last thing I wanted to do (his words - "You at least gotta go and see what the broad looks like").

While all of the recent tumult was occurring and while I was missing dad so much, I was fortunate to be surrounded by my family. In particular, my brother and my sister played invaluable roles for me over the past week. Their perspectives differed greatly, but their diverse professional insights were very important to me.

And in interacting with them, it struck me - dad was speaking to me through them. They are their father's children, and while their perspectives differed, both touched upon points that dad would have likely made.

The comfort that provided me, and still provides me, absolutely warms my lonesome heart.

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  1. Stay strong in faith, God will never leave you nor forsake you.


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