Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Metrodome Magic Stikes Again

The win last night has to go down in Twins history as one of their most exciting. Both teams emptied the benches, punched, counterpunched, and played their guts out. If you are a baseball fan, regardless of your allegiance, you were thoroughly entertained for four and a half hours last night.

While it would be nice to celebrate this win, we can't. We now go to Yankee stadium where the Twins have a paltry 3 wins since 2007. 3 wins.

And that's the big issue. To Gardenhire's credit, he gets this team, somehow and some way, to the post season. To his fault, they always arrive in the playoffs woefully ill prepared to compete, and seemingly just happy to be there.

So we end an incredible end of a season - mathematically nearly impossible to achieve just a month ago - and we start a new postseason. Let's hope that the Twins don't leave their hearts in a champagne-soaked locker room. Again.

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  1. Congrats on the win. The Twins wanted it more down the home stretch than the Tigers - Though Inge did get hit by the pitch in the 12th. On the flip side your runner was safe at home in the 10th - which should have ended it. Good Luck - 3 wins since 07. Hopefully that will change.


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