Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Minnesota Pheasant Opener

The season opener for pheasants was held last weekend, and the pheasants held the aces. In the freezing temps, they were going to need to feed, and feed aggressively. And, unfortunately for us, the corn harvest has not yet begun (we're likely weeks away), so over 100,000 of acres of unharvested corn in the county provided ample hiding spaces.

Despite this disadvantage, the Yellow Dog Patrol (Plus One Black One) resumed activity and were quite successful. We had four active hunters and bagged four birds, with a couple of roosters escaping to flush another day.

Overall, we flushed approximately 20 birds, and given the corn situation, that's a really good number. Our two food plots put in by our partner are a great food source and great cover, and should be bird magnets for the season, and a vital refuge for what appears to be a long and hard winter.

Here we are, on patrol.

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  1. I wish there were some video of the yellow dog performing Cirque du soleil in a duck boat. That is fun to watch. BTW! What is that white stuff on the ground????? Ya'll hunting cotton fields???


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