Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009 Minnesota Duck Season - Week Three

We awoke Saturday to fog of Biblical proportions. As Fuzzy and I set the decoys, we had to move our bluebill string more that once as the straight line we thought we were on actual turned out to be a ninety degree angle. For about a five minute period there, we were actually lost in the fog and weren't exactly sure where we were on the lake. We eventually ran into land, hundreds and hundreds of yards from where we thought we were. It is amazing how lost one can get in that thick stuff without a constant point of reference.

We set up on the point, and had a great crew of three adults and three kids. By legal shooting time the birds came, usually in pairs or singles, and the action kept up the entire morning. Amazingly, the fog never lifted. By mid morning we could look up and see a clear blue sky, but 100 yards in front of us all that was there was a wall of fog. Finally, at 11:30 the fog dissipated.

Despite some poor shooting and giving the kids the best shots, we took a bag of 15 birds - a nice harvest!

On Sunday Fuzzy and I headed for the north end, where things got more tough. We were clearly not on the flyway path, and it made things tricky. Most of our shots were quick passing shots, save for two big bull canvasbacks that came right down our string just like they do in your dreams. It made the whole weekend. Bag for Sunday was three birds total, plus a lost mallard and Canada goose. Don't ask me how we lost the goose - we searched for nearly 30 minutes and came up empty. Frustrating, and something all hunters hate.

Back to back good weekends means we have to be primed for a bust one of these outings. Let's hope it doesn't happen when the southern contingent arrives in two weeks.

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