Monday, September 25, 2017

Kneel on This

I'm aghast at our President.  His speech and tweets are not helpful, and instead of focusing on things like a promised tax cut, he's wading into popular media food fights.  He's proving himself a buffoon and mental lightweight. And he seems to revel in it, which is downright scary.

That being said, I'm more aghast at the NFL players that can't bring themselves to respect the country via behaving properly during the national anthem.  Poor, spoiled, sheltered, ignorant, selfish pigs.  They live lives that are better than 99.9999% of all of historical humanity, and the exceptional country that is the United States provided it to them.  Yet, we're not perfect, so instead of being grateful for what is here, they choose to "protest."

Here are some real protests, jackasses:

  • If this country is so vile, how in the world could you pay millions in taxes to it?  Hell, your funding this racist hell-hole.  I suggest you stop immediately.
  • Speaking of money, our economy was based on rape of the earth, subjugation of native peoples, and slavery.  How in the world can you accept legal tender from such a vile entity?  
  • When Pat Tillman believed in something, he quit and put his money where his mouth was.  I'm sure Black Lives Matter could use your help a hell of a lot more than your teammates could.  How about you quit?  Like right freaking now. 
Of all the bullshit on display yesterday, here's the one guy that went out there and did the right thing:

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