Sunday, September 17, 2017

Ben Shapiro Drops the Mic on Abortion Debate

The older I get, the more abortion really rubs me the wrong way.  I think it is because of what I've learned, which is definitely a factor of age.  I've learned a lot of human biology and what constitutes viability.  I've learned a lot about how abjectly racist the practice of abortion is.  I've learned that this "simple procedure" can lead to mental and emotional issues that can manifest for decades, if not lifetimes.  I've also learned that I have a number of friends that were adopted, and how my life would be far poorer had their biological mothers chosen to abort them.

A lot was written about Ben Shapiro's speech at Berkley, given Antifa's desire to shut it down.  Antifa claims that Shapiro spreads hate, but I think that the real reason they want him silenced that he can mop the floor with core liberal ideology.  

Here's a great example:  

Quick, logical, reasoned, consistent, smart, steadfast.  I so have a man-crush on Shapiro, based primarily on his debate skills.  Just for that reason alone I'd love to see him run for higher office.

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