Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's Not Radical Islam, It's Sharia Islam

All the high profile terrorist events are tied to "radical Islam" on the right, and something else (usually guns) on the left.

I have news for us - the death, mayhem, violence, and subjugation isn't "radical Islam."  It is Sharia.

Now, you'll get apologists that try to sweep this away as being some simple little manifestation of the Muslim faith that the right is using as a boogeyman.  Rubbish.  It the tool that is being used to throw homosexuals off roofs, stones rape victims for their adultery, cuts hands off of thieves, mutilates little girls' genitals, and the like.

This stuff is going on in Sharia countries every day.

Every damn day.

Islam is not a religion of peace.  It is a religion that relishes violence, strife, and subjugation, and woe be to those that step out of line.

The people killing westerners are not some fringe element.  Their the manifestation of the main element that has now come to our shores.


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