Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hillary Skates

FBI Director Jim Comey lambasted Hillary Clinton and her staff yesterday for their abject negligence in her treatment of her private email server.  He also exposed myriad lies, such as she only wanted one device, she never had top secret email on the server, she turned over all the government related emails, and her server had never been hacked (among others).

His diatribe was long, but at the end, since her negligence wasn't intentional, she gets off clean.  Never mind that it was more important to Hillary that she be able to cover her tracks via her own illegal server, and that American citizens would be placed in jeopardy.  In the end the only thing that is important is that the Clintons are taken care of.

There is absolutely another set of rules for the Democrats.  Laws don't matter.  Public safety doesn't matter.  The only thing that matters is that they hold power.  Period.

And in their wake are millions of supporters, willing to turn a blind eye again and again, because the specter of losing power is far more scary than supporting a lying criminal.

This lady makes Nixon look like a choirboy, yet nobody cares.

God have mercy on our country.


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