Friday, July 15, 2016

Evil Marches On

With the horror of Nice yesterday, it sure appears that things are spiraling out of control.  Now, today, we're faced with a "Day of Rage" that could be anything between stupid rumor to all-out fighting in the streets.  I guess we'll find out.

What does it all mean?  Ultimately, I believe it means our world is getting more and more evil by the day, and evil is winning.  It is winning via pure body-count, and it is winning via the politicians, celebrities, media, and influencers that provide air-cover for it.  

Events that push hatred and death now rule our days, and a dearth of leadership enables the violence to propel forward.  Even worse, many of our so-called "leaders" are actively pouring gas on the fire.

It is astonishing, and I fear we ain't seen nothing yet...


Please feel free to include any thoughts you may have. Know, however, that kiddos might be reading this, so please keep the adult language to yourself. I know, for me to ask that language is clean is a stretch...