Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Gophers Basketball in Freefall

Coming off their worst season since I can remember, the Gopher Men's Basketball program appeared to have nowhere to go but up.  However, with the recent jailing of Reggie Lynch on sexual assault charges, things just got worse.

It is astonishing how far this program has fallen, and it has everything to do with the type of men that have been entered into the program.  Consider the following, all during Coach Pitino's tenure :

  • 2 players arrested
  • 2 dismissed from the program for conduct issues 
  • 3 others suspended following the release of a sex tape on one of the player’s social media accounts 
These are some pretty incredible stats.  One would like to believe that they reflect an outlier in behavior, however their propensity is far from an outlier.  This looks to be a pretty damn big issue.

Ultimately, this falls on Pitino.  Sure, he's not the one committing these acts.  But he is the one finding, coaching, and ultimately responsible for the guys committing these acts.

Nobody wants to be a part of a team of thugs and criminals.  Nobody wants to be part of a team of bad players either.

Pitino has both.

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