Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fishing Report from Leech Lake

This past week marked the Gang of Four fishing trip.  While it has not been annual, it has carried on for 4 decades now.  

Day one found us with limited wind, but enough to push us into a couple of keeper walleye and a massive amount of northern pike.  Indeed, we were able to ice our needs for our fish fry in the first day, so the pressure to produce was off the remainder of the weekend.

The next day held little wind as well, and we trekked across the massive lake in search of some kind of breeze that would push our boat and baits around.  After logging many miles, we happened to the east end of famed Pelican Island and started a drift on an ever-so-slight wind.  

It proved to be enough.

In the next two hours, we caught nearly 20 walleyes.  Not a one of them were keepers as they were all too big, but again, we already had what we needed in the freezer.  So we stayed there and caught and released fish like these (which were caught simultaneously):

Our buddy Pauly was on fire as well, and landed this beauty:

The following day, we met with massive winds, which limited our options.  Here are the boys doing their best to keep Pauly warm:

While we didn't catch a lot of fish on our last day, I did end up hooking into the biggest fish of my life.  More details on that tomorrow.

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