Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Left Just Elected Trump

Actions by the organized Left (and make no mistake, they're completely organized and funded) have attempted to stifle Donald Trump from speaking at rallies in Chicago and elsewhere.  Claiming to want to shut down fascist ideology, the leftists actually adapt the exact fascist tactics that they claim to deplore.  

The irony would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

The net result is what it has been throughout the election cycle - the more Trump is attacked, the more powerful he has become.  The so-called "silent majority" that support Trump are tired of feeling marginalized, ignored, and being cowed to a mindset to which they do not subscribe.  Thus, when the Left demands that Trump shut up, it only cements the support that he has already won.

Beyond that, the field is being winnowed.  There aren't many options left anymore, and it is basically coming down to Clinton and Trump.  For those that may still be trying to discern where they will throw their support, the acts of those that seek to stifle any kind of dissenting speech will likely push support to Trump.

In essence, the organized actions to "stop" Trump, both past and future, will only go to strengthen him.  

People are tired of the constant protests.  They're weary of being told what and how to think by the elites, academics, and the media.  Mostly, they're tired of constantly having their opinions and beliefs marginalized.  

That's why Trump is enjoying his support, and why his support is growing.  Via their tactics, the Left is dutifully dumping gasoline on his electoral fire.

And when he gets elected, they'll have only themselves to blame.


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