Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just Another Sconnie Blizzard

During last week's blizzard here in Green Bay, I was witness to scene that would have to be completely foreign to most folks in this world.

Unfortunately for us that live in the Frozen Tundra, it's all too common.

After getting my coffee at the Starbucks drive-thru, I was making my way back to the main road.  I was stopped in my tracks by a line up of four cars, with the one in the lead being stuck in a snow drift.  I immediately piled out of my truck, in my business clothes, and went to join in with the drivers of the other three cars that were already pushing the stricken vehicle.

We did the usual rocking back and forth, complete with calls of "1,2,3..." but despite all of the help, did little to get the little car moving.  

As we were catching our breath and wonder what we'd do next, a random guy on a Bobcat just happened to show up.  A couple of strategically placed scoops later, and we were all on our way to the office.

In the wild West of Wisconsin, the cavalry comes riding in on a Bobcat.

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