Monday, February 29, 2016

Target's New Kids Brand - Gender Neutral

In a recent article in the StarTribune, retail giant Target showcased its new home decor line, Pillowfort, which lacks any distinct gender signals.  What's behind it?  Certainly not political correctness or the continued, unabated march to de-masculinize EVERYTHING to do with being a boy.  Heck no.  Here, according to a Target senior executive, it's all about expression: "Who are we to say what a child’s individual expression is? We really wanted to develop a collection that would be universal.”

Universal.  Yeah, nothing says "little boy" quite like this collection:

Sorry, Target (and those others behind it), this is not addressing a child's expression.  This is abject, full-on social gender engineering.  And those driving it will not stop until all of boyhood has been medicated and/or socially gender engineered away.

But at least your sons can enjoy their "happy place."

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