Monday, February 15, 2016

No More Yeo

After an amazingly pathetic effort against the Boston Bruins on home ice, the Minnesota Wild has finally fired head coach Mike Yeo.  Given their existing free fall, (1-11-2 in the past 14 games), one can't be surprised.

In fact, if there are any surprises, it's perhaps that Yeo held on as long as he did.

On paper, the Minnesota Wild has a very good team.  In execution, they're horrible.  They're sloppy, lack hustle, and have no discernible leader.  The Wild’s leading scorer this season is  the aging Mikko Koivu with 37 points. That is tied for 66th in the NHL. Zach Parise leads the Wild with 17 goals. That is tied for 46th in the NHL.  The numbers don't lie.

The "state of hockey" is in its worst condition since the North Stars left.  

What a mess.  It is high time to clean it up.  

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