Monday, February 8, 2016

Super Bowl Ads 2016 - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

In 2016, the cost for a Super Bowl ad was $4.5 million.  Who got their money's worth, and who just flat out blew it last night?  Let's go to the video tape:

The Good

Audi Starman - On brand, and taking advantage of the popularity of the recently deceased David Bowie.  Perfect for its target market.  Incredibly well done:

Dollar Shave Club - Really effective ad that was long on benefits.  Disruptive, memorable, and money well spent:

Heinz - Bad song, great commercial

The Bad

Mountain Dew - The Puppy, Monkey, Baby ad was simply terrible.  One simple question: Why?

Budweiser - When the cusp of the ad reflects that your customer is wrong liking all of those craft beers, and they need to get back to liking your crap, you just wasted nearly $5MM

The Ugly

Doritos Baby - This is just simply too much, and in bad taste.

Editor's note - this was originally supposed to be a much thorough post.  I had many more offerings.  Unfortunately, Blogger is having some significant technical issues.  Their HTML editor is changing content without my interactions, and after spending over two hours to just get this, I need to bail.

Sorry for the crappy post.

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