Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hunting With Kin - A Recap

I just returned from our annual trip to Louisiana to finish off the duck season.  As usual, we had an incredible time, although this year the ducks chose not to cooperate.  Regardless, the weather was gorgeous, the food outstanding, and the laughs plentiful.

Here are some moments captured during the trip:

 Sunrise in the bayou does't get much more beautiful

 A nice decoy spread doesn't matter if there are no birds out there to see it

When we weren't hunting, we were outside because it was so damn nice out there

Three boys in flooded timber

More action (or lack thereof) in flooded timber

Someone was the butt of the joke at the truck stop...

...and it was pretty damned funny

I'm very, very lucky to have the family and the friends that I have.

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