Friday, January 22, 2016

We've Lost Our Collective Minds

Never before in the past 100 years have we been faced by a slate of political candidates this corrupt, this inadequate, and this flawed.  Every top candidate is repugnant.  Despite this, the machine that pushes one of them to the eventual highest office in the land keeps chugging along.

Leadership is flat dead.  Doing what is right is flat dead.  Being responsible and accountable is flat dead.  Those days are over, and have been replaced by perpetual outrage, immediate offense, win at any cost, and pithy tweets.

We truly get the government that we deserve, and what we deserve is quickly turning into a race to the bottom.  

The righteous are shunned, laughed at, demonized, and ultimately destroyed.  With that as the ultimate result, why would anyone of intelligence and capability ever run for public office?

This is the world we have sowed.  I abjectly fear what we will reap. 

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