Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Weeper in Chief

In an astonishing moment, President Obama, using his bully pulpit, wept openly for first graders killed at Sandy Hook.

Over three years ago.

The leader of the free world, the man with his finger on the nuclear button, the man calling our soldiers to war, the man who has seen and has been made aware of atrocities that nobody could image cried over kids killed three years ago.

Two points:

  • I'm old enough to remember Nixon, and fully remember Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush.  The only one I remember crying, ever, was that W got misty on 9/11.  That's it.  All the war, all the tragedy.  No tears.  Until now.
  • If Obama is still weeping over this shooting three years later, I suggest he needs psychological help.  Seriously.  He's not healing, he's not coping, and he's arguably not in a frame of mind to be competent for his job.
Note, I'm not one of those "big boys don't cry" people.  In fact, I am emotional myself, and like Jimmy V suggested, I often "laugh, think, and cry" to round out many of my days.  However, I'm not the leader of the nation, and I'm able to compartmentalize enough that a tragedy of three years ago still doesn't compel me to break down.

Either Obama is emotionally way too fragile, or he's acting.  And either way, he's far from presidential.

Putin must be laughing until he pees himself.

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