Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Gitmo and Guns

The president this week will use his executive powers for his political bidding.  First, he'll be releasing 17 more terrorists from Guantanamo Bay.  That will bring the total count left at the prison at 90.  

Second, he'll take steps to prosecute those who sell guns as private parties under the auspices of closing the "gun show loophole."  All this, despite it having a grand total of zero impact on any of the shootings over the past years, and perhaps ever.

Both are being couched as "making us safer."  For the guns, that's dubious.  For the Gitmo release, that's astonishing.

Obama is starting 2016 off with a bang.  What kind of bang, and how many die, is left to be seen. 


  1. Here is the question: how can you be prosecuted for breaking a law that does not exist?

    An executive order is something that the executive can do within the executive department. For example, he can order that all federal departments pay employees at least $10.10. But that is a lot different than prosecuting an employer that pays less than $10.10.

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