Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Twins Best Player Ever?

The Minnesota Twins have had some great Hall of Fame players throughout their history, and I've been fortunate enough to see all of them play in my lifetime.  I've seen Carew flirt with .400, Kirby go 6 for 6, and Harmon hit mammoth home runs.  Through it all, I've never seen a rookie come into an organization and put up performance like this man:

Miguel Sano hits for power (14 home runs in 176 at bats), hits in the clutch (see above), and has the eye and the discipline at the plate of a seasoned veteran (.403 OBP).

I know it is too early to crown him the best ever, but this young man is only 22, only with the bigs since early July, and will only get better with experience.

He's remarkable, and I'm lucky to be able to watch him.  Just as I was lucky to watch all of the Twins' Hall of Fame players. 

Hopefully, that's where he ultimately lands.  My goodness, what a talent.

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