Monday, September 7, 2015

Idiot Dentist Draws More Attention

The dentist in the middle of the "Cecil the Lion" controversy felt it necessary to engage the press before heading back to work.  I'm not sure who is advising him on his media strategy, but they (and subsequently he) are idiots.

The story was essentially over.  The world was outraged for a while, but had moved on.  Sure, there were some fringe elements that held onto their rage, but everyone else was talking about the MTV awards and gender neutral bathrooms.  The "lion lives matter" signs were put away.  It was over.

But then it wasn't over.

The hunter felt it necessary to open a vein to the press ahead of his return to his practice.  The press summarily obliged, and the once dead story was relegated back to the front page and to lead stories on national news.  

And instead of sympathy and understanding, the press interaction restarted the rage machine.

Given the amount of death threats hurled at the doctor (and his family), I felt real sympathy for him and his plight.  Given how poorly he has handled this latest engagement, that sympathy is being being strained.

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