Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Muslim Clock-Making Student a Fraud. President a Useful Idiot

The internet and traditional media exploded in a sanctimonious rage last week as a "normal" 14 year old Texas student, who happened to be Muslim, brought his "invented" clock to school, and the clock was mistaken for a bomb by obviously racist teachers and cops.

The wailing and outrage was deafening.  See how racist we are?  This kid is brilliant!  It got so bad that the kid was awarded a $15,000 scholarship and the President even got involved:
There are two things wrong with this.  First, of all the people that deserve a visit to meet the President, this kid does?  Is it any more obvious how much hatred our President has for our country?  Astounding.

The second thing wrong is that the kid lied.  He "built" jack squat:

So what was the motivation behind the kid doing this?  There are two answers, and neither are good: 1) he's a liar and a cheat or 2) he was looking to stir up a political situation akin to the Flying Imam situation.   Either way, and this "brilliant" kid which was rewarded and defended all the way to Obama turns out to be nothing but a punk.

Personally, I see this as an attack against "see something, say something."  We can't hassle a Muslim kid with a suspicious invention, in fact we should not hassle any Muslim kids, especially ones that may be walking through a crowd with an overly heavy backpack which has been loaded down by a pressure cooker, ball bearings, and nails.  This kid was looking to push the envelope, and thanks to "useful idiots" that includes the President of the United States (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?), it was mission accomplished.

This, like so much of our society, is just another example of not letting the truth get in the way of a politically correct, "we're so racist," "Islam is a religion of peace" narrative.  

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