Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What to Do about the Donald

Among presidential hopefuls for 2016, nobody has better buzz right now than Donald Trump.  His brash outspokenness, especially on immigration, have resonated with those who share his opinion and have rankled those who oppose it.  He has been a polarizing lightening rod for sure.

However, Trump is what he is, and that is an arrogant, bombastic blowhard.  It would only be a matter of time before he stepped in it, and that has come in his recent disrespect of John McCain.

I'm no McCain fan - his politics are lightweight, he ran a horrible presidential election, and has failed more than he's produced for the Republican party.  However, one simply cannot question his heroism or love of his country.

Unless you're the Donald, in which case you can't help yourself.

I know Trump's more qualified to be president than Obama was/is - by a long margin.  Regardless, he's still not qualified for the job.  Oh, he'll be around for a while (the media will ensure of that), but for the good of the election and the good of the country, he needs to go.

But if he left behind his checkbook, that'd be alright.

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