Thursday, August 28, 2014

Who Believes that "Everyone Should Get a Trophy?"

"Everyone gets a trophy!"  Really?

Reason-Rupe recently published a study in which they asked a variety of American adults the following question:

"Do you think all kids that play sports should receive a trophy for their participation, or should only the winning players be awarded trophies?"

As one that grew up in the 70's, the whole concept of everyone getting a trophy is one that is completely foreign to me, and is something that I just flat couldn't understand.  It is a trend that has me worried, but fortunately a significant portion of Americans still agree with me.

But then we get into this data:

Intuitively, this makes sense - the "haves" want winners to get the trophies, the "have nots" want trophies for just showing up.  

As this thinking continues to manifest itself in our economy, politics, and mores, expect to continue to see a propagation of Americans that want their bleeping trophy. 

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