Sunday, August 10, 2014

University of Minnesota's Hot Issue: Use of Word "Redskins"

The University of Minnesota is campaigning to have the Washington Redskins refrain from using the name "Redskins" when they play the Vikings at the University's TCF Bank Stadium on November 2.  They've been working on this now for over a month.

Consider all that is going on in the world right now:

  • Literal genocide in Iraq
  • Ebola on the cusp of a breakout
  • Russia on the verge of going into the Ukraine
  • A US government that spies upon, intimidates, and persecutes its citizens that are deemed as political enemies (Hi, NSA!)
  • Record labor participation rates and disability rates
And those are just the things going on in the world.  As we're all aware, college kids can be pretty egocentric.  Hence, consider things that are directly impacting them:
  • Record tuition rates
  • Record University costs and bureaucracy
  • Record student debt levels
  • Among the worst college graduate unemployment and underemployment in history
All of that, but the "U" is worried about a word.  A bleeping word.

This is so typical of what the Left has consistently done recently, which is to summarily ignore major issues that have true impacts on life on Earth to focus on fringe issues to keep the populace distracted.  Hence we get "war on women," gay marriage, and legalized marijuana nearly 24/7 in the media.  The Left and their willing partners in the media just keep the drumbeat going, and keep the focus on the fringe, and an ignorant and willing populace dutifully oblige.

It is a very effective game, and University is guilty of playing it.  And that is why, even though I'm a graduate of that institute and have the means to support them, the University will not receive a dime from me.

Not one thin dime. 

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