Friday, August 22, 2014

20th Anniversary in Photos

Last weekend, Mrs. YDP and I spent our 20th anniversary at the place in which we first honeymooned - the north shore of Lake Superior.  It is an absolutely gorgeous area, and while we'd not been there in at least ten years, we discovered enough old favorites that it felt like a trip down memory lane.

Here are the highlights
A photo from the shore on the way up

One of dozens of beautiful falls in the area

A cairn we found.  I added the top two (likely a cairn no-no, and way, way harder than it looks)

Mrs. YDP's cairn, built from scratch.  Again, not as easy as it looks

With my leg still chumped up, I did a ton of biking around the many scenic trails

Sailboats in the harbor of Grand Marais

A typical Superior shoreline

Our celebration wine

Another falls, this one on the Cross River.  The river is named Cross because...

Father Baraga, a missionary priest that erected a cross at the mouth of the river after being miraculously blown into the river after being caught in a massive gale on the lake.

Not sure when we'll ever be back - time will tell.  But we were fortunate for our time up there and for the memories that we made.

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