Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Twenty Years On

It's been twenty years now since I saw my bride's face
In her gorgeous pink dress with just enough lace
And since that great day a lot has transpired
But my need to be yours has never grown tired
Lots has changed in our lives; so much different now
Than they were at the time when we said our vows
But one thing is clear and it brought to the fore:
I love you more now than I have ever before

I know how that sounds, and it smacks of cliche
But there's no other method of which I can convey
The warmth that I feel when in the presence of you
And the fact that you've made so many dreams to come true
The victories, losses, tears, joys, and just life
Have been made all the better with you as my wife
At my side, as a team, you and I move into
The unfolding future and days sprung anew

So on our 20th anniversary I choose not to look back
Although our memories and history have nothing to lack
No I choose to look forward, and consider instead
The path laid in front of us and what is ahead
While things may not go as exactly as planned
I know for a fact that my life will be grand
For I continue to fall so much more deeply in love
You are my gift from God up above

Thank you for loving me - thanks for your care
Thank you for always being for me there
Thanks for giving me love in which I could bask
There's no better partner for which I could ask
Do you feel the same?  Would you still say "I do?"
If you had the chance to still marry me, could and would you?
If the answer is "yes," then hold my hand and come on
We've got more time to go when we're twenty years on

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